Konstantin Gantert

Konstantin Gantert

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Tilburg University


I am an assistant professor at the department of economics at Tilburg University.

I am interested in macroeconomics, especially monetary economics. In my recent work, I employ quantitative dynamic models and search-and-matching theory to analyze inflation, cyclical productivity, and fiscal and monetary policy.

  • Quantitative Dynamic Macroeconomics
  • Inflation and Monetary Policy
  • Search-and-Matching Theory
  • PhD in Economics, 2022

    Leipzig University | Central German Doctoral Program Economics (CGDE)

  • MSc in Economics, 2015

    Heidelberg University

  • BSc in Global Business Management, 2013

    University of Augsburg


Macroeconomic Institutions and Policies (Bachelor)
Programming in Python (Bachelor)
Public Sector Economics (Bachelor)
Dynamic Macroeconomics (Bachelor, Master)
Programming in Matlab (Master, PhD)
Advanced Macroeconomics (Master)
Macroeconomics (Bachelor)

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